About Latimer Tuition and Robin Gibbons

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About Latimer Tuition & Robin.

Latimer Tuition, Est. January 2021, could be called the brain-child of Robin Gibbons, its Founder and CEO.
Latimer Tuition is a result all the issues, and pain-points Robin found while working as a tutor himself with many other tutoring agencies.

Robin Gibbons, Latimer Tuition's Founder & CEO sat down, wearing a light suit and speaking with a student.

I felt too trapped within the large tutoring corporations, the agencies had their own way of working and did not allow me (and other tutors) to approach things our own way. As an experienced tutor, you craft your own way of working, and expecting all the tutors to standardise themselves just doesn't work.
Not every tutor used the same meeting platform, not every tutor charges the same rate, and so much value in what they provide is based upon their personable-approach to tuition, expecting tutors to operate within a fixed workflow extinguishes that value.
After some deliberation, I decided to do this myself. I found no issue in finding tuition work for myself, so why not share the pie (so-to-speak)? Now, with hundreds of Tutors, the pie can feed lots of people!
Imagine a platform which only works with experienced tutors and which does not tell them how to work. I've found letting the tutors "loose" really works well so they can have their own way of working. We provide them the clients, payment processing, a session management system and optional tools such as meeting invites and a meeting platform (Microsoft Teams). Everything else takes care of itself, to a very high standard.

Robin Gibbons

Direct Contact with Tutors

Latimer Tuition entrusts all tutors to have direct contact with all their clients.

Transparent Pricing

The price we present is the price you'd pay. Nothing More. Nothing Less (sorry about that last one!)

No Hidden Fees

We charge per hour of lessons you've completed with the tutor. We only maintain your business if we stay true to our word.


We invoice clients after each lesson (therefore, we do not accept advanced payments prior to lessons).
We accept both online card payments, and bank transfers.
We always provide 2 days (48 hours) of notice between raising an invoice and charging your card (if you have saved a card on file).

No Contract, No Terms

No one should be locked into tutoring. Online tutoring isn't a one-size fits all, and we only want to continue sessions should you genuinely feel it's worthwhile for you/your student(s), and your pocket.
Just note; the tutors do have a 24-hour cancellation policy.

Stop Anytime

We have a heart (so-to-speak!).

Our clients return on a weekly basis because they want to, not because they have to.

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