• How do I request a tutor?

    Please request a Quick Quotation, from there, we'll send you some profiles of currently available tutors, we'll then welcome your feedback, if there's a tutor you'd like to meet, great! If not, we'll send some further options.

  • What subjects and grade levels do you offer tutoring for?

    Pretty much everything! With a large pool of tutors, we can tutor all subjects within the UK, including all major UK exam boards; OCR, Edexcel, AQA, Eduqas, WJEC, and SQA. If your subject is a little more exotic, please do get in touch, we will do our best to accommodate!

  • What qualifications do your tutors have?

    This can vary between tutors! Some tutors hold GCSEs and A-Levels in the subjects they teach, others are qualified teachers and examiners with up to 40 years of experience! If there's a particular qualification or background you're looking for, please mention that when you request a tutor.

  • Can I choose a specific tutor?

    Yes! This is not a problem. Please provide the tutor's name you've seen when making your quotation request. Alternatively, you can reach out from the Available Tutors page.

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    How are tutors matched with students?

    With care and experience! Firstly, we'll filter by tutors who can help with the subject and level you've requested. Then, we'll take into consideration any details you've provided in your quotation request. This can include tutor background, gender, age or other preferences. You're welcome to be as specific as you'd like when requesting a tutor. It's important that the student feels comfortable with the tutor they've been matched with.

  • What is your tutoring approach/methodology?

    We only take on experienced tutors, and as such, we leave that to them. We don't impose restrictions on tutors, but usually, it's a blend of visual and verbal communication. Many of our tutors utilise graphics tablets and touch screens to interact with the student on a whiteboard. This is especially useful for questions, allowing the tutor to go through worked examples on screen. By default, we send Microsoft Teams links to parents/guardians and tutors before lessons but you're welcome to agree on another meeting medium if you or the tutor prefer a different way to interact. Even though we don't enforce rules on how our tutors engage with the student, you're welcome to mention this when making your quotation request and we'll take this into consideration.

  • Do you offer in-person tutoring, online tutoring, or both?

    Our service is online only at the moment, but if you and the tutor happen to be close by, we don't mind in-person!

  • What are the rates for tutoring sessions?

    This depends on the tutor. Some of our tutors charge more for their experience or if they do not have a lot of availability left. We'll ask for your ideal budget should you make a quotation request.

  • Are there any discounts or packages available for multiple sessions?

    You would be best speaking to your tutor about this one, we can't make agreements on packages of lessons (due to our legal position as an Employment Agency, rather than the tuition provider). Each tutor controls their own rate, so should you fancy striking up a rate-based deal, best to contact them, and they'll inform us if any accounting amendments are due.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    All Latimer Tutors have a 24-hour cancellation request. Should you wish to cancel a lesson, or reschedule/edit the lesson date/time, please do provide the tutor at least 24 hours of advance notice. Best to provide the request in writing too. Based on the numbers, Latimer Tuition's tutors seem to be very nice, and often don't charge (even if it's within 24-hours), especially if you're a new client. The cancellation notice is taken at the point it's send on your side, so should you receive any lesson reminders for a lesson you've already cancelled, please ignore them.

  • How flexible are the scheduling options?

    You'll have direct contact with the tutor, we only match clients and tutors together when the tutor has indicated they're available for further clients, so as long as your request is reasonable, there shouldn't be any scheduling issues. Should there be any issues, please alert us. Latimer Tuition is more than happy to step in and mediate, or on rare occasions, send some alternative tutor recommendations. One of the reasons we initiate an email exchange and provide the free introduction meeting is so you can ensure there is mutual availability between yourself and the tutor.

  • Can the tutor help with homework and test preparation?

    There's a fine line; yes and no! While a tutor can help with homework by reviewing the homework set and posing similar questions the student is struggling with, we wouldn't encourage or support the tutor in providing answers to the student's homework itself.

  • How do you ensure the safety and security of students during tutoring sessions?

    We're an online provider, so physically, there's minimal risk to students. However, should you have any concerns about the conduct of a tutor, please contact us.

  • What feedback and progress reporting do you provide to parents?

    After each lesson, the tutor is prompted to provide a lesson report. We won't charge you (and the tutor won't be paid) until they submit a lesson report. The tutors will do their best to provide a breakdown of what happened during the lesson, notes on student progression and the plan/agenda for the following lesson.

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    Do you offer specialised tutoring for students with learning disabilities or special needs?

    Many of our tutors within the tutoring pool either hold experience teaching children with SEN, or qualifications pertaining to teaching children with SEN. We'll take this into account when we receive your quotation request. We'll do our best to ensure the tutor is a suitable match for the student. Ultimately, the final decision is yours as to if the tutor is suitable for you and your student.

  • How do you handle conflicts or issues between the tutor and student/parent?

    Most conflicts are due to cancellations. Please take note of the tutor's 24-hour cancellation policy. It's important to ensure any cancellations are in writing too. Should there be a conflict, we'll investigate the matter as neutrally as possible, then advise both parties.

  • Are there any additional fees or costs apart from the hourly rate?

    No, the tutor's displayed hourly rate is the one and only fee you will pay. However, there is one exception; homework. All tutors provide free homework after each lesson (if requested), but if you're looking mainly for homework support, rather than lessons, you'll need to come to an agreement of cost/homework with the tutors and we'll charge you accordingly. If you're looking for support which does not fall into the "tutoring" category, please contact us, we'll approach this on a case-by-case basis.

  • How long are tutoring sessions typically?

    We often see lessons between 45 minutes, and 2 hours, although there's no set lesson duration, you're welcome to discuss lesson duration with your tutor directly. Generally tutors do not commit to 30-minute (or less) lessons (unless it's for SEN purposes), or lessons beyond 2.5 hours.

  • What happens if I need to change my scheduled tutoring session?

    That's not a problem, you'll be provided your tutor's contact details when you are first introduced to them, so please reach out to them directly, and they'll amend the booking on the system. If you have lost your tutor's contact details, please contact us.

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    Can I request a trial session before committing to regular tutoring?

    Should you like any of the tutor(s) we pose after you've submitted a quotation request, we're more than happy to organise a free intro meeting for you to discuss this directly with the tutor, so you can decide they're the right fit. This free intro meeting can take anywhere from 15 minutes up to 30, or 40 minutes, it just depends on how well the conversation goes! This meeting can take place on Microsoft Teams, as a phone call or any other meeting forum both you and the tutor agree upon.).
    Alternatively, if a free intro meeting is not for you, we can instead introduce you to the tutor over email for you to reach out directly in your own time.

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